Foil for food containers

Foil for food containers

Aluminium foil containers are widely used to pack and store both human and pet foods, especially where stiffness and exposure to high temperatures are needed. Aluminium food containers are widely regarded as the best choice.
Symetal is a leading supplier of this product with a long-term presence in the market. Apart from foil for the standard wrinkle-wall containers, our company supplies material suitable for the production of smooth-wall trays (Ready-To-Cook or Pet-Food). The foil is normally pre-lubricated with a food-grade oil ready to be drawn at the presses of our customers.
The foil can also be supplied pre-coated on one or both sides with different lacquering systems.

Main properties

  • Suitable for coming in direct contact with food
    Can be used both in a microwave and a conventional oven
    Can be embossed

Main applications

  • Food containers for catering
    Pet food
    Disposable containers for household use
    Multiple compartment trays

    The shapes that can be produced are practically limitless whether containers are deep or shallow:
    With multiple compartments

Technical characteristics

Wrinkle wall Smooth wall (Ready meals) Retortable
Typical Alloys 8006 / 3104 / 8079 8006/ 8150 / 3005 8026 / 3305
Temper H21 / H24 H22 / -0- -0-
Thickness range 0.033 – 0.160mm 0.090-0.200mm 0.070 - 0.120mm
Widths min 50mm - up to 2000mm
Surface Mill finish or Pre- Coated
Lubrication Dry or Lubricated with 100 up to 900 mgr/m2 total on both sides
Coil inner diameter 150 / 152mm
Lacquering Variety of colors of polyester or vinyl and epoxy coatings


Semi rigid packaging