SYMETAL is a member of the VIOHALCO Group of companies

VIOHALCO Group incorporates approximately 80 companies, six of which, ELVAL, HALCOR, SIDENOR, HELLENIC CABLES, ETEM and FITCO are pioneers in their sectors and are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. It also owns urban real estate in Athens and significant land holdings in various parts of Greece. VIOHALCO S.A. was incorporated in 1937, made its debut on the Athens Stock Exchange in 1947 and is included in the stock exchange index MSCI - Greece, with a weighting factor of 2.9%.

The VIOHALCO Group companies are intensely export oriented, with the result that turnover generated abroad exceeds that generated in Greece. Exports are directed to over 60 countries and are either effected directly or through subsidiary companies. The companies hold significant market shares in Greece, where sales are made through representatives and traders.

The Group's industrial activity abroad is represented, among others, by BRIDGNORTH ALUMINIUM LTD located in the UK, that manufactures lithographic sheets and foilstock, the raw material for the manufacture of foil, STOMANA INDUSTRY S.A., a steel products manufacturing company also in Bulgaria, SOFIA MED AD, a copper and brass processing company in Bulgaria and by ICME ECAB S.A. a cable manufacturing company in Romania.

The VIOHALCO Group of Companies employs more than 8.000 persons